joshnheather.jpgJoshua Bean, age 24, was found guilty of murder on Friday. Even though prosecutors in Indianapolis didn’t have the body of his victim, Heather Norris — Bean dismembered his ex-girlfriend’s remains and disposed of them in dumpsters all over the south side of Indianapolis — Bean’s statements to police were enough to do him in.
I wrote about this case at my True Crime Weblog: “… Summer Lovin’ Gone Bad: The Crimes of Joshua Bean.” A striking element of the story was how Bean took such pains to eliminate evidence of his crime — even to the point of posting a fake entry on Heather’s MySpace weblog. That final post read, in part, “no one believes me and no one understands me […] i need to get out of this state!!!!!”
The blog post was published on April 17, 2007. Heather had been dead for at least a week at that point.
Joshua Bean, a former DJ, could get up to 68 years in prison.
[ | The Indianapolis Star]

From the Boston Globe:

“I think Germany was too small for him,” Alexander Gerhartsreiter said. “He wanted to live in the big country and maybe get famous. Now that I see all this, he’s really famous.”

Enterprising American reporters have tracked down the real family of German national Christian Karl Gerhartsreiter, who may just be the man known to U.S. authorities as Clark Rockefeller. At least that’s one of the names he’s used. Several papers have also confirmed what I first reported here, two days ago — that Gerhartsreiter (Rockefeller) apparently moved to Wisconsin in 1981 and married Amy Jersild. That marriage permitted Gerhartsreiter to obtain a green card and made him a legal resident of the United States.
According to the Globe, Gerhartsreiter left his home and family in Bavaria in 1978, when he was 17. He first landed in Connecticut, where he attended one year of high school as an exchange student. Then he was off across the U.S., marrying in Wisconsin in ’81 before moving on to San Marino in the mid-80s. Gerhartsreiter adopted the Christopher Chichester pseudonym then. It was the last fake name his birth family knew about, for Gerhartsreiter stopped calling in 1985.
John and Linda Sohus vanished in February of that year, and Christopher Chichester seemed to vanish a few months later.
Though the real story of how a boy from Bavaria became a fake member of the American gentry and then a fugitive on the run with his daughter is becoming clearer with each passing day, the man who wanted to be known as a Rockefeller still isn’t talking to police from Boston or Los Angeles. He may never crack. He’s had a lot of practice keeping his secrets. []

My wife leaves the TV on NBC when she leaves for work. So the first face I saw on the tube when I woke up this morning was a woman in rapture over 5 cloned Boogers. She was being interviewed on the Today show. She truly looked ecstatic. The journalist asking questions looked more and more uncomfortable as the interview progressed. It looked as though the journo — Natalie Morales — could feel the craziness closing in on her.
The woman with the 5 cloned Boogers was Bernann McKinney, and Booger was, once upon a time, her pet pit bull. Booger died two years ago from cancer. Bernann McKinney missed Booger so much she got a wild hair and contacted a lab in South Korea that said it could clone dogs and other animals. Bernann spent many thousands of dollars to end up with 5 cloned puppies. Five copies of her precious Booger.
The look on Natalie Morales’s face mirrored my feelings as I watched Bernann talk about her Boogers. Bernann said, “He became my service dog […] I was in a wheelchair, and my arms were in braces for a long time — I couldn’t use my hands. He could unlock a door with his teeth, he could answer the phone, he could do the laundry. He was my hands.”
Writing that out it doesn’t look nearly as crazy as it sounded. Bernann’s hyper way of speaking over-emphasized certain points, like how her dog could do laundry. When the camera came back to Morales, she looked like she wanted to be somewhere else.
So, I turned the channel, because I could only take so much. Still, I kept wondering about the story. I had the feeling something was up with Bernann McKinney. I wasn’t sure what, though. Perhaps the cloned puppies deal was a scam, a hoax. No, I decided — too many articles were out there about the puppies; they, at least, appear to be real. So maybe it was just Bernann — after all, the woman was so obsessed with getting her doggy back that she spent a small fortune to do it. That kind of commitment is rare, and can often result in, well, commitment. To a hospital, perhaps.
I went about my day. Since my day involves sorting through the news and finding interesting stuff to cover for this blog, I eventually ran across this, in the UK’s Daily Mail: “A cloned dog, a Mormon in mink-lined handcuffs and a tantalising mystery.” From the article:

Could the new owner of the world’s first commercially cloned pups be the same woman who had gone on the run from British justice 30 years ago, having been the star of one of the most bizarre, entertaining and downright saucy court cases in living memory?

Bernann McKinney had tripped my spidey-sense for a reason.

The New York Daily News is reporting that a barback at Spotlight Live has been arrested in connection with the bludgeoning death of 24-year-old Ingrid Rivera.
Daily News police sources say Sayed Rahman, also 24, has confessed to the crime.
Ingrid Rivera had attended the club in hopes of giving flowers to rapper Lil’ Kim, who was at the venue to celebrate her 33rd birthday.
But Ingrid Rivera got drunk and fell afoul of the bouncers. She was booted from the place. That’s when police say Rahman zeroed in on her. He allegedly told Rivera he could help her get back inside the club. Sources cited by the Daily News say Rahman was trying to either rape or rob the victim. He allegedly struck the back of her head, then hid her body in the utility closet where she was ultimately discovered Wednesday evening. [NYDN]

On her MySpace profile, 24-year-old Ingrid Rivera called herself Chyna 712. She stated that some of her favorite TV shows were King of the Hill, Girlfriends and CSI.
Ingrid is the focus of a real-life drama now, and the drama is more like CSI than any of her other favorite shows. Her bludgeoned remains were found Wednesday night on the roof Spotlight Live, a popular club in Times Square, NYC.
Ingrid went to Spotlight Live last Sunday night to attend the 33rd birthday party for well-known rapper Lil’ Kim. The New York Post reported Thursday that Ingrid was kicked out of the club that night because she was drunk.
When Ingrid didn’t come back the following day, her family filed a missing persons report. Detectives checked the club, but didn’t make it to the roof. That was why it was left to a maintenance worker to find the young woman’s body. Ingrid had a bloody head wound, and it appeared as though she’d been dragged into the spot where she was found.
Police aren’t talking about suspects yet, but if this article in the Daily News is any indication, the bouncers at Spotlight may soon find themselves under some pretty uncomfortable scrutiny.
[NY Post via Gothamist]

Orange County, FL authorities were back at the Anthony residence today. Crime scene investigators were inside the home owned by Cindy and George Anthony for 3 hours this afternoon. WFTV in Orlando reported that the CSIs departed with “10-12 mostly small bags of evidence.”
None of the investigators would comment on their reason for returning to the home.
Casey Anthony remains in jail on $500,000 bond. Her parents remain convinced that little Caylee, age 2, has been kidnapped. To that end they’ve set up a fund to assist them in their search for the child. According to attorney Paul Kelley, anyone in the Orlando area seeking to help can “Go into any SunTrust and they’ll get it right into the account for us.” [WFTV]

The USDOJ has made a number of documents pertaining to the Amerithrax investigation available online:
Highlights so far, just from an affidavit written to support a search warrant by USPS Postal Inspector Thomas Dellaferra:
* The type of anthrax identified in the letters sent out after 9/11 was traced via a chemical signature back to Fort Detrick, where Dr. Bruce Edward Ivins worked as an anthrax researcher. The postal service traced the envelopes back to Fort Detrick as well.
* Bruce Ivins normally worked 7:30 a.m. to 4:45 p.m., and all labs, including (of course) labs used to work with “hot” toxins like anthrax, were accessed with magnetic keycards. The keycards generally reflected a given worker’s typical pattern of entry and re-entry. The affidavit by Inspector Dellaferra states the following about Ivins: “Beginning in mid-August 2001[,] however, there was a noticeable spike in Dr. Ivins’s evening access to the B3 hot suite.”
* Bruce Ivins was having definite mental health issues in 2000 and 2001. On April 3, 2000, Ivins wrote the following in an e-mail: “Other times it’s like I’m not only sitting at my desk doing work, I’m also a few feet away watching me do it. There’s nothing like living in both the first person singular AND the third person singular!”
* On July 4, 2000, Ivins said the following in an e-mail message to a friend: “The thinking now by the psychiatrist and counselor is that my symptoms may not be those of a depression or bipolar disorder, they may be that of a ‘Paranoid Personality Disorder.'” In a different e-mail written three days later, Ivins specifically mentioned the National Enquirer and stated he never wanted to see the headline, “PARANOID MAN WORKS WITH DEADLY ANTHRAX!!!” One of the victims of the anthrax letters was a photo editor at the Enquirer.
* Dr. Ivins wrote an e-mail on September 26, 2001 that read in part, “Osama bin Laden has just decreed death to all Jews and all Americans.” Dellaferra notes that Ivins’s language was “similar to the text of the anthrax letters postmarked two weeks later warning ‘DEATH TO AMERICA,’ ‘DEATH TO ISRAEL.'”
* In December, 2001, Bruce Ivins wrote another e-mail detailing some poems he’d made up about himself and “the person in my dreams.” One stanza from one of the poems:
“I’m a little dream-self, short and stout
I’m the other half of Bruce when he lets me out.
When I get all steamed up, I don’t pout.
I push Bruce aside, then I’m Free to run about!”
* A separate affidavit from FBI agent Marlo Arredondo sought information about Bruce Ivins’s e-mail accounts. Ivins used the following:
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
and of course, [email protected].
According to Arredondo, Ivins used these addresses to “facilitate an obsession with a sorority group linked to the location of the anthrax mailings.” Ivins also used screen names such as “Ed Ivings,” “BigSky” and “prunetacos.”
* Ivins, using some of the names above, posted messages at, an online forum devoted to discussions of conspiracy theories, the paranormal, and supernatural subjects. Ivins posted messages and began threads about the Kappa Kappa Gamma sorority. Here is a thread at discussing the “removal of College Fraternity Secrets Threads.” Note that “prunetacos” posted in that thread about other boards where he’d discussed the Kappa Kappa Gammas. See also: a list of 50 posts left by “Prunetacos” at Many of the Greek Chat posts discuss Kappa Kappa Gamma as well.

beschorner2.jpgOne of 44-year-old Michelle Lague’s neighbors noticed that she’d not been out walking her dog. So on July 7, the neighbor called the cops. Investigators found Lague dead in her home.
Lague was slated to testify in a high-profile murder trial in San Antonio. She’d seen a vehicle speeding away from a crime scene in 2005.
Early Wednesday San Antonio police revealed that Lague’s death had no connection to her status as a witness for the prosecution. Michelle Lague died at the hands of a friend.
That friend was a former roommate, towering, heavyset Kethan Beschorner, age 29.
Beschorner claims the devil made him do it.

Today the saga of alleged non-custodial kidnapper and mystery man Clark Rockefeller took a turn into made-for-TV land. Investigators from Los Angeles have flown to Boston to speak with Rockefeller about a 23-year-old missing persons/possible murder case in San Marino, CA.
They want to talk to Clark Rockefeller about the San Marino Bones, and ask him if he is the man who once called himself “Christopher Crowe Mount Batten Chichester.”
Chichester was the name used by a man who certainly had a lot in common with Rockefeller. In 1994 the Associated Press reported that Chichester was described by friends as “an urbane gentleman with a trace of an English accent who joined worthy causes and made friends easily.”
Chichester told different stories about who he was: a computer expert; producer, even stockbroker.
One friend said, “Chris Chichester dressed well and was articulate and knowledgeable about whatever subject he happened to be talking about at the time.” That friend described Chichester as “an interesting character.”
The same was said about Clark Rockefeller while he was on the run — he was a character, a charming eccentric. And like Rockefeller, who once helped fund the building of a new city facility in the town where he lived in New Hampshire, Chichester was said to be civic-minded. He attended the Church of Our Savior in San Gabriel, CA and met new friends there. In 1984, Chichester reportedly even volunteered to help paint San Marino High School.
Like Clark Rockefeller, Chichester used aliases: Christopher Crowe and Christian Gerhartsreiter.
The last time anyone saw Christopher Chichester was in 1989, in Greenwich, CT. Chichester attempted to sell a truck and the potential buyer grew suspicious when he discovered there was still a lien on the vehicle.The vehicle was owned by John Sohus, of San Marino, CA. Sohus and his wife Linda had been missing since February 8, 1985.
John and Linda Sohus had supposedly gone to Europe. Some people even received postcards from Paris, signed by Linda. They’d been gone for two months when Chichester, who rented a home on property owned by the couple, also disappeared.
On May 8, 1994, workers in San Marino were digging a pool on that property when they uncovered plastic-wrapped bones from a dismembered body. It was later determined that the bones were most likely the remains of John Sohus.
Unsolved Mysteries covered the Sohus disappearance, and in that production the show stated that Christian Gerhartsreiter was Chichester’s real name. Only one readily available U.S. public record be found for that name. It was for a marriage that took place in Dane County, WI in 1981 between a Christian Karl Gerhartsreiter and Amy Jersild. Gerhartsreiter was 19 at the time — he would be 46 or 47 today. [An alternate spelling of the German name is Christian Gerhart Streiter — per the Boston Herald. ~ Ed.]
California authorities have never said that Christopher Chichester/Christian Gerhartsreiter was a “suspect” in the death of John Sohus or the disappearance of Linda Sohus. But they certainly got on a plane pretty fast when a fingerprint from Clark Rockefeller linked him to Chichester, and possibly some answers to the questions about the the missing couple from San Marino.
Yet Clark Rockefeller claims he can’t remember his parents. He won’t say where he was born, or who he really is. After all, if he is convicted of the charges related to his alleged abduction of his daughter Reigh, he won’t face life in prison. Answering questions about John and Linda Sohus — if the man has the answers authorities seek — might lead to a much more long-term acquaintance with life behind prison bars.
[; AP — archived article from Long Beach Press-Telegram; Scene Blog]

Prosecutors in Orange County, FL have charged Casey Anthony, age 22, with filing a false statement and felony child neglect. She’s still being held on a half-million dollars bail.
The most significant development in the case of Casey’s missing 2-year-old daughter Caylee may be just around the bend; results from DNA samples found in a car Casey was driving at the time of her daughter’s disappearance (the car that both Cindy Anthony and a detective described as smelling like human decomposition) finally came in. The results have not been disclosed.
According to a report from MyFoxOrlando, Casey has said that Caylee would be home by August 9 — Caylee’s third birthday.
[; Fox News]