He is baby-faced and 5’9″. News articles say he’s just 18, but in photos he looks even younger. According to reports from the Palm Beach County Sheriff, he is one deeply sick puppy.
jsharp.jpgHis name is Justin Lloyd Sharp. He was arrested Monday and charged with possessing child pornography. He was also charged with sexually assaulting a dog.
Police took computers from Sharp’s possession back in April. On those computers, they say they found videos of preschool aged girls involved in sexual contact with adults. Police also say they found a video of Sharp raping a male German Shepherd.
The Palm Beach Post reports that Sharp admitted to what he did with the dog. During a civil case filed by Palm Beach County Animal Care and Control, Sharp’s own mother admitted that her son said he’d raped the dog at least 4 times.
Palm Beach County won the case and seized two dogs and two cats from the Sharp residence.
Justin Sharp called himself Anubis410 on MySpace. According to Encyclopedia Mythica, Anubis was the “mysterious canid funerary deity of ancient Egypt.” Anubis possessed a human body and the head of either “a jackal or a wild dog.”
Sharp’s profile has been edited to conceal who owns it, but in mid-July of this year it was still clearly run by Justin Sharp, an 18-year-old living in Palm Beach Gardens, FL with an interest in canines and video games. He had a latin headline. It read, “Lupus, perficio proeliator, gnaritas quod citatus, suum decor habui haud fines finium.” Loose translation: “Wolf, the accomplished warrior, smart and fast, its beauty has no boundaries.” Sharp apparently came up with that line, too, for he tagged it with his name. All the images associated with the profile now and before it was edited depicted wolves.
Back on MySpace, under his profile’s “About me” section Sharp wrote the following, “My name is Justin and I have been accepted into Champlain College with their graduating class of 2012. I will be majoring in Videogame Programming. I have a Xbox 360 and I play games a lot online; my Xbox Live gamertag is Anubis410. Feel free to add me if you like. I am always willing to meet new friends! ;)”
Internet searches using “Anubis410” and information about Sharp led to this eBay user profile.
On eBay, Anubis410 said his interests included gaming online, wolves. He wrote that he had been born in Mississippi then lived in “Georgia for 9 years and I just moved to Palm Beach Florida.” Anubis410 gave an address in Palm Beach Gardens, and a Gmail address that began with this screen name: “Anubis35142.”
If Justin Sharp was Anubis35142, then further searching on the Web may have revealed a confession as to what he’d done with a dog made more than a year ago.
A sexual attraction to animals is referred to as zoophilia. Searching for “Anubis35142” gave results for a message board devoted to giving users “Free Zoophilia and Animal Sex Information,” and a post made by Anubis35142 on May 10, 2007. The title of the message thread was “Your First Time,” and the meaning was obvious — people were supposed to post about their first sexual experience with an animal. Anubis35142’s post was succinct — and nauseating: “Mine was with a Male German Shepherd! I Anally penetrated him.” Anubis35142 tagged the statement with a pink, smiling emoticon surrounded by a cloud of hearts.
According to the article in the Palm Beach paper, Justin Sharp was being held on a measly $9000 bond.
This, for a young man who has allegedly confessed to molesting one of his own dogs, and whom police say also had child porn.
Seems to me that bond amount is missing a zero or two. [PalmBeachPost.com. Additonal link — Anubis410’s YouTube profile.]

Barack Obama answering questions at a town hall meeting in Davenport, IA.
CBS 4 in Denver is now reporting that “at least four people are under arrest in connection with a possible plot to kill Barack Obama at his Thursday night acceptance speech in Denver.”
Some of the equipment confiscated during the investigation into this alleged plot so far: two high-powered, scoped rifles; camouflage clothing; walkie-talkies; a bulletproof vest; something called a spotting scope and fake i.d.’s.
The second man arrested (see below) may have ties to some kind of white supremacy group.
All those arrested are now being held on a variety of charges.
Original Post
Authorities in Denver believe they may have uncovered a plot to harm Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama.
tgartrellmyspace.jpgVery early on Sunday morning, cops in the Denver suburb of Aurora stopped Tharin Gartrell, age 28. In his rental pickup they found two rifles — one said to be a “sniper rifle” — and methamphetamine.
Gartrell’s arrest led police to a room on the 6th floor of the Cherry Creek Hotel. The cops knocked on the door, and the guy inside, 33-year-old Shawn Adolf from Greeley, CO, jumped out the window. It must have been like something out of a movie, because Adolf landed on an awning, bounced to the street below and took off running.
He didn’t get far. Cops found him a short time later with a broken ankle and put him under arrest. After all, he had 7 outstanding warrants.
Also arrested during this investigation was Nathan Johnson, age 32.
CBS 4 in Denver reported that one of the men under arrest made statements while in custody that led them to believe there might be some sort of plot to hurt the Democratic nominee. The case is currently being investigated by the Secret Service, ATF and the FBI.
Below you’ll find a MySpace profile for Tharin Gartrell or his Denver-dwelling dead-ringer with the same first name:
He marketed himself in the Denver area as a DJ under the name Tharin Roberts or Tharin Robert (images on his profile say both). You can see him in action here. [CBS4Denver.com and 9NEWS.com — the latter confirmed that Gartrell was a DJ.]

NBC’s Natalie Morales interviews Christian Gerhartsreiter, aka Clark Rockefeller.
You’d think the most interesting development in the endlessly fascinating saga of Christian Karl Gerhartsreiter (first known to the American public as Clark Rockefeller) would be Gerhartsreiter’s interview with NBC news. A portion of the interview was broadcast on the Today Show this morning. It revealed very little about the case and a lot about Gerhartsreiter. In person he is effete and evasive. He plays with language like a lawyer, disputing fine shades of meaning in words — the practiced sidestep of someone who is a confident and facile prevaricator.
To anyone with language training, brief glimpses of Gerhartsreiter’s German roots can be heard as he speaks. There is a certain crispness in the way he pronounces some words that is decidedly German in nature, oddly meshed with an obviously adopted upper-crust New Englander’s drawl.
Yet he is clear-eyed and his gaze is direct as he speaks with his interviewer. He controls his body language well. He seems, if anything, unusually calm.
Fascinating, yes. But the most interesting development in the case today has been reported by the Los Angeles Times:

Investigators are planning to use ground-penetrating radar in coming days to search for human remains and other evidence at a San Marino home that is at the center of a bizarre international mystery…

John [some reports refer to him as Jonathan]and Linda Sohus disappeared in February, 1985 from their home in San Marino, CA. At the time they rented a residence on their property to Christopher Chichester — an alias used by Christian Gerhartsreiter.
The bones of a man were found buried in the rear of the Sohus’s former home in 1994. No DNA tests were performed, but they were believed to be the remains of John Sohus. Linda Sohus is still among the missing.
Police in Los Angeles refer to Gerhartsreiter/Clark Rockefeller as a “person of interest” in the case.
According to the LAT, a geophysicist is coming in to study the property where the Sohuses and Gerhartsreiter lived in ’85. The ground penetrating radar will be used to avoid disturbing the ground around the home. If any tell-tale results are found via the radar, authorities will know where to focus their efforts if they decide to dig for more evidence.
For his part, Gerhartsreiter/Rockefeller decided to avoid discussing the Sohuses with the media. A Boston paper reported that he “fell silent and smiled tightly” when asked about the missing couple and his attorney requested the interviewer change subjects. [Los Angeles Times and MSNBC.]

Joseph Duncan made this senseless, weird video sometime between 2000 and 2005 and posted it online. If nothing else, it gives you a sense of just how incredibly creepy a presence he probably was even when no one knew he was really a sexually sadistic, psychopathic serial killer.
It took the jury 2 hours to find Joseph Edward Duncan III eligible for the death penalty.
Duncan knew it was coming. He may be one of the more monstrously cruel killers you’ll ever read about, but few have accused him of being stupid. Before the jury retired to deliberate, Duncan spoke to them, making as forthright a statement as he’s probably ever made about what he is: “You people really don’t have any clue yet of the true heinousness of what I’ve done.” He continued, outlining what he wanted to do back in 2005, “I was not searching for a child, but rather I was on a rampage.”
If you’re that minority of readers who have followed any of my blogs since the Duncan case hit the news, you know I pegged that from the beginning. When Duncan went to ground in April, 2005, he was doing what a profiler once called (in reference to Ted Bundy’s final spree in the Chi Omega sorority house in Florida) “decompensating.” Decompensation is what happens when a homicidal psychopath who has constructed a feasible mask of sanity finally loses the ability to continue the charade. The truth, the nature of the animal is then revealed.
Duncan told the jury that he “rape and kill until I was killed, preferring death over capture.” To that end he’d marked several spots in the GPS tracker of the vehicle he used during his travels in the Spring of ’05.
Duncan’s words to the jury made little sense, perhaps because he was speaking off the cuff. He said he “knew the best way to hurt” society was to take “an eye for an eye.”
“[But] the system didn’t take my eye,” Duncan said, “it took my heart and my innocence, and I wanted to do the same to it.”
He was likely referring to his 2 decades of incarceration for rape and assault, beginning in 1980.
In the end, the jury came back with a finding that declared Duncan eligible for the death penalty. They also agreed to all the aggravating factors listed by the State during the argument for putting Duncan down.
The second phase of deliberations in the sentencing of Joseph Edward Duncan begins Monday.
And the man who told his young victims to call him Jet won’t be done, once the jury goes home from that Coeur d’Alene courtroom. He still has to answer for the 1997 abduction and murder of Anthony Martinez in Riverside, California. [KXLY.com — possibly some of the best coverage of the case available online.]

Top 10 quotes from Shaq, via YouTube.
Having a stalker is scary enough. If you think you are being stalked by someone who is 7’1″, 300+ lbs. and very, very wealthy, it’s probably worse.
Rapper Alexis Miller, a.k.a. “MaryJane,” claims that NBA star Shaquille O’Neal began stalking her last July.
Miller, who lives in the Atlanta area, filed a petition this week for a temporary protective order against the basketball star. Through noted Atlanta defense attorney L. David Wolfe, Miller requested that Shaq “stop harassing and intimidating” her. Miller also wants her towering ex to have no further “direct or indirect contact” with her or her family and stay at least 300 yards from her and her residence.
Alexis Miller claims that Shaq sent her an e-mail on or about July 17 in which he said he might get Miller blackballed from the recording industry. Miller alleges that Shaq said he’d pay artists she’d worked with in the past up to $50,000 if they never recorded or performed with her again. In the papers she filed with the court Miller also quoted an e-mail she allegedly received from Shaq: “I dnt no who the fuk u think u dealin wit u will neva be heard from one phone call is all I gotta make now try me. Sho me.”
After Miller’s attorney made Shaq (or his lawyers) aware of the situation, she allegedly received some spooky phone calls. Quoting from the court documents: “[Alexis Miller] began receiving late night harassing phone calls from a private unlisted telephone number.” Miller says some calls were wordless, just heavy breathing, but in another call, someone with a low voice called her a “bitch” and a “ho.”
One of Miller’s creepier claims is that she observed a man in an unfamiliar black sedan park across the street from her house late one night and perform “what appeared to be surveillance of her personal residence.”
The rap artist says she’s suffering from “anxiety and acute stress” as a result of the alleged harassment, and she fears staying alone in her home at night.
The next court date in this case is September 4.
I’m pretty skeptical about this story. I don’t follow basketball — I’m more of a football or baseball kind of guy — so I’m not a fan of any one NBA player. But I know Shaq’s rep, and it’s pretty squeaky clean. He also has a long-term and serious interest in law enforcement — he’s even joined some law enforcement agencies on drug raids in the past. I have to wonder how much of a publicity stunt this could be on the part of a lesser-known performer like “MaryJane.”
But you know — stranger things have happened. [Courthouse News Service and WSB TV]

(Disclosure: I’ve been a member of the Websleuths.com true crime forum since late 2004. I just wanted to make that clear and also thank my fellow forum members who spoke with me for this post.)
To Maricopa County Medical Examiner death investigator Suzi Dodt, she was 99-305. To many in the Phoenix area, and more folks studying crime via the Web, the young woman was Maricopa Jane Doe.
Writing for the Phoenix New Times in late July this year, Paul Rubin described what happened to Maricopa Jane:

[She] died on January 27, 1999, the day after she jumped, fell, or was pushed out of the Cadillac in which she was riding on Interstate 10 with a man and another woman.
It happened during the afternoon hours at milepost 173, heading east from Phoenix on a desolate, straight stretch of road near Casa Grande.

The couple in the car said they didn’t know the girl’s name. The driver was Alonzo Fernandez, from Phoenix, and Fernandez claimed he’d only just met the girl who would become 99-305 outside a convenience store.
Ultimately, Fernandez pled guilty to leaving the scene of an accident. He made a statement about the death of Maricopa Jane: “all three of us were on the freeway smoking marijuana. She started freaking, saying her boyfriend would get mad if she left, and she jumped out of the car. I saw her in the rear-view mirror, and people were stopping to help her. I was scared and kept going. I never knew her name. I’m still haunted by this ’til this day.”
tmazzone.jpgFernandez skipped out on probation in 1999. He was in the wind for 8 years. Fernandez was finally arrested on a bench warrant a week ago.
Fernandez’s talk of being haunted by the nameless girl could have been glib, something said to his probation officer in an effort to appear repentant. But there’s no doubt that the real identity of Maricopa Jane Doe was a mystery that plagued many other people. Some of them lived a long way from Phoenix and mile marker 173.
But beginning in 2006, a number of Websleuths started putting their heads together with a single, selfless goal in mind — give Maricopa Jane Doe a name.
It was crowdsourcing the solution to a mystery. Amateur sleuthing. Cyber-sleuthing. It was the kind of pursuit that might cause significant others to shake their heads as they spied on loved ones hunched over a computer keyboard late in the night, parsing all the small details known about a young woman who died in 1999. Journalists might roll their eyes at soccer moms and stay-at-home parents chatting on a message board, ‘investigating’ (quotes intended) such a seemingly intractable mystery. If the cops or the death investigator couldn’t give Maricopa Jane a name, why would these strangers from everywhere and nowhere think they could help? Who did they think they were?
Collectively, they were Websleuths. And they helped give Maricopa Jane Doe a name.
Maricopa Jane Doe was Tawni Lee Mazzone, from Massachusetts. She was 17 when she died.
Websleuthers kept the story of Maricopa Jane Doe alive, and helped to link her to the missing teen.

fifthnail.jpgThe jury in the sentencing trial of confessed serial killer Joseph Edward Duncan III saw into the heart of hell today. Three videos Duncan made when he had Dylan and Shasta Groene captive in the Montana woods in 2005 were show to the jurors. Reports from the courtroom indicate that while there were no breakdowns from the members of the jury, many were clearly revolted by what they saw.
Collectively, the videos are said to show Duncan whipping Dylan with a belt and sexually assaulting the little boy. The first two videos were a couple of minutes a piece, but the third video was about 10 minutes long, and even accounts of the words said by Duncan on the tape give some idea as to how soul-rending, how horrific the experience must have been for the 12 people in that courtroom today.
In the last tape, Duncan was shown hanging Dylan Groene from the ceiling of a remote cabin. As the little boy struggled to breathe, Duncan screamed at God. He masturbated. He sang.
Duncan was heard at the beginning of the tape saying, “If there is a God, then I pray, with all the love I can muster, if you’re not real you know why this is happening, that doesn’t even make sense, God, this child, this boy, does not deserve to die.”
Later, after Dylan was gasping for air on the floor of the cabin, Duncan said, “Listen boy! I just saved you! I saved your soul, okay? […] God isn’t the only one who can forgive me. God made everything that just happened happen.”
Duncan continued, saying, “I killed you. I got it on videotape if you want to watch it […] God, what is going on here? I don’t understand. I’m getting sick of your games.”
To Dylan, Duncan said, “Boy, you’re special. God is protecting you. It was the devil who stood here. The devil himself, not just a demon.”
At some point later in the tape, Duncan moved away from the camera, and according to the AP, he could be heard “singing the Lord’s Prayer.”
The AP reported the most chilling words heard on any of the tapes inflicted upon the jury in that Idaho courtroom. It wasn’t clear when Duncan said the following, but that didn’t really matter. At some point, Duncan shouted, “The devil is here, boy, the devil himself. The demon couldn’t do what the devil sent him to do so the devil came himself […] The devil likes to watch children suffer and cry.”
Duncan’s first victim, the man whom he assaulted in 1980 when the victim was just 14, took the stand at the end of the day. His story, unsurprisingly, was similar to the one revealed by the videotapes viewed by the jury.
Always a demon, with Duncan. Or the Devil himself. Never the killer, admitting that he’s an animal who enjoys the suffering of children. Duncan has probably never said, ‘hey, I just like hurting people. That’s what really gets me off,’ even though that’s exactly what he is — a sexually sadistic psychopath.
Someone remind me why I’ve become less and less pro-death penalty again. This story alone is making me forget. [KXLY.com and the Associated Press.]

rmcdonald.jpgShortly after 8 o’clock this morning (Eastern Time) a student was shot in the cafeteria of Central High School, in Knoxville, TN. Local media reports say the victim was 16-year-old Ryan McDonald.
Police responded quickly to the scene, and the shooter was apprehended before 8:30 a.m. The suspect is Jamar Siler, age 15. Siler invoked his right to an attorney while being questioned by police. He may already have a record, because Knoxville station WBIR reported that he was “already an existing client of the Knox County Public Defender’s Office.”
Knoxville PD Deputy Chief William Roehl told local media that this was not a random school shooting. The suspect and victim knew each other, and Roehl termed this morning’s shooting “an isolated incident.”
One witness said Siler shot McDonald in the chest and “casually walked away.” He was picked up walking down a road near the school.
The 14-year-old daughter of Rev. Chris Buice attends Central High. Buice is the pastor of Tennessee Valley Unitarian Universalist Church. Two members of that church were killed and 6 wounded when a man named Jim Adkisson allegedly walked into a morning service earlier this summer and opened fire.
It isn’t as if it was my old high school, but I’ve been inside Central High, several times. Somewhere in a photo album here in my home, I have a 20-year-old pic of me in a tuxedo, (with a full head of hair), singing an Aaron Copland song in the choir room at Central High. The school is located in a pleasant suburb of Knoxville, near quaint whitewashed churches and shopping areas. I don’t know about today, but 20 years ago, Central High appeared to be — for a large high school — one of the more tight-knit school communities you could imagine. Anytime gunfire erupts inside school halls it is a tragedy — I suppose this is an instance where I have a slightly better sense than usual of how great an impact the murder of Ryan McDonald might have on the community at large. A community that is still trying to come to terms with the shooting that took place inside Tennessee Valley Unitarian. Knoxville has always been a mid-sized city with a bit of a small-town vibe. Surely, that will change now, and not for the better. [WBIR.com and KnoxNews.com.]

findingcaylee.jpgA half-million dollar bond was posted Wednesday for Casey Anthony, the 22-year-old mother of missing Orlando-area toddler Caylee Anthony. The bail was provided by bounty hunter Leonard Padilla and his nephew Tony. Casey may be home by Thursday night.
Leonard Padilla is a well-known character from Sacramento, California, where he has been tried and convicted of tax evasion and run for political office. He is currently featured on the reality show Bounty Hunter, on the National Geographic Channel.
Speaking to local Orlando media, Padilla said that Casey is “going to her home with her parents, and hopefully somewhere down the road she’ll decide, ‘Hey this is the truth of the matter, this is what happened.'”
Padilla also said, apparently without a trace of irony, that he and his nephew had had to contend with “bondsmen from other companies that didn’t want this to happen and they kept injecting themselves into the situation.”
Yeah. About that “injecting” thing… why would a bounty hunter who happens to have his own reality show want to involve himself in any way with the most high-profile missing child case in the country at the moment? A case where the Florida media has done a bang-up job of making all sorts of court documents available to the public?
Why would a man who (obvious penchant for self-aggrandizement aside) has a rep for being a pretty good bounty hunter buy what the Anthony family and Casey’s lawyer, Jose Baez, are selling?
I think it’s all about injecting one’s self into a certain situation, in the end. I imagine reality series producers are in the background, and cameras are rolling, constantly.
And it all makes me sick. (Hey, this is blogging, after all — I’m going to just put it out there sometimes.)
Blogging about the disappearance of Caylee Anthony makes me sick. So much seems so obvious — her mother Casey has lied to the police, repeatedly, apparently with no trace of shame or remorse. Every “tip” reported in the case, every alleged sighting of the little girl, has been blatantly bogus. The police long ago cleared anyone in the Orlando area named Zenaida Gonzalez of any involvement in Caylee’s disappearance. Time and again, Casey Anthony’s behavior seems to point back to her as having much more knowledge about what happened to her daughter than she will ever reveal.
Now this bounty hunter circus comes to town, and further enables a young woman who seems to have benefited from quite a bit of enabling in her life. People seeking a few episodes and higher ratings for their shows — and in the end, more money and fame — bail her out of jail. Casey will be able to sleep in her own bed, watch TV, eat fast food, you name it. Her family and her attorney will keep the cops at bay, and the bounty hunters completely obfuscate the press coverage. It all begins to look like misdirection, sleight-of-hand performed not with a coin or playing card, but with the truth. The story has been about George, Cindy, and Casey Anthony. Now the Padillas have injected themselves into the story. And people can make all the winsome looking images they like with the little girl’s face — but at the moment, Caylee Anthony is an afterthought. The circus is in full swing. Soon enough it will be like the murder of JonBenet Ramsey — all the leads will be exhausted, and there will only be clowns in the ring, constantly thrusting themselves in front of the camera, as a little girl watches from the shadows, alone. [Local6.com]

jeremynoyes.jpgThe FBI says that Jeremy Noyes, a 30-year-old med student living in Erie, PA planned to create a sex farm or private island retreat stocked with female slaves. The feds also say Noyes had child porn in one of his e-mail accounts. So they arrested him on August 18 and charged him with two counts of possessing child pornography.
Authorities were tipped off when Noyes’s ex became concerned about Noyes’s interest in kids. Elizabeth Fleming, who was enrolled with Noyes at the Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine, gave the FBI e-mails from Noyes in which he outlined a sick desire to begin a “new society.”
The messages also described Alex and her child Abby, who allegedly lived in New Zealand. Noyes said he met Alex via collarme.com, a fetish site for folks with an interest in BDSM (Fleming got to know Noyes through the site as well).
The FBI’s affidavit filed to support the charges against Jeremy Noyes states that Noyes would IM with Alex and instruct her in the proper preparation of her 4-year-old child “for sexual activity.” The same affidavit told of a conversation during which Noyes told Fleming that he had a long-term plan to put together what he called a “family” of sex slaves. Alex and Abby from New Zealand were to be the seeds of that family. According to Fleming, Noyes stated that he’d wait until Abby was between 8 and 14 years old, then impregnate her. Her offspring would be the fulfillment of this sick plan. The affidavit states that Noyes planned to purchase “a farm or an island where he could” form his new society.
Jeremy Noyes is in the Erie County jail. His next hearing is Thursday. If he’s convicted on the child porn charges, Noyes could face anywhere from 10 to 40 years in prison.
The affidavit published by The Smoking Gun leaves out many other allegations made by Elizabeth Fleming, including her statement — made in a blog entry — that Noyes claimed he’d committed murder — and gotten away with it.