emmanuel.sanders.denver.post.tv.youtubeReading from the Voice Media empire: News that a Houston-area grand jury had been looking into a sexual-assault accusation against wide receiver Emmanuel Sanders is something of a gift to the Denver Broncos, the franchise for which he’s played since 2014. Speculation has been rife that the team was looking to dump him for economic reasons, even though jettisoning the fan favorite would have almost certainly stirred controversy. Now, however, getting rid of Sanders despite him dodging an indictment in the Houston case can be spun as team executive John Elway and company taking a stand against the sort of bad off-the-field behavior that’s led to the Broncos racking up 49 arrests since the year 2000, a total that’s tied for the most in the NFL over that span. Westword has the story.

new.welcome.inn.rino.shooting.scene.cbs4Reading from the Voice Media empire: Detectives with the Denver Police Department decline to provide anything other than the most basic details about the double murder at the New Welcome Inn bar, which remains under investigation at this writing, and the Reverend Leon Kelly, a prominent anti-gang activist who’s been in contact with the DPD regarding the thus-far-unsolved case, is also cautious with his words. But following the funeral for victim Guillermo Ornelas, which saw a slew of police officers strategically deployed in the neighborhood around the church where it was held as they kept a watchful eye on mourners, Kelly acknowledges that the incident has “gang overtones.” Westword has the story.

pueblo.june.outdoor.marijuana.growReading from the Voice Media empire: In a series of raids over the past four months, the sheriff’s office in one busy cannabis county, working in conjunction with other agencies, has seized more than 8,000 cannabis plants at allegedly illegal grows associated with foreign nationals. Among those arrested as part of the operations were eight men from Mexico and four from Cuba. Westword has the story.

paul.castaway.surveillance.video.1Reading from the Voice Media empire: Last year, the mother of Paul Castaway, a suicidal man who was holding a knife to his own throat when he was killed by police officer Michael Traudt in July 2015, filed a wrongful-death lawsuit in the case, with attorney Matthew Buck arguing that Castaway was “effectively murdered” during an incident captured on video. Now, a U.S. District Court judge has denied a motion to dismiss the excessive-force aspect of the allegations against Traudt, keeping the case alive and on track for what could be a blockbuster trial. Westword has the story.

ryan.partridge.two.cbs4Reading from the Voice Media empire: On December 17, 2016, during a psychotic episode, Ryan Partridge, a jail inmate, tore his own eyeballs from his head. Partridge survived this horrifying example of self-harm, and he’s now suing Sheriff Joe Pelle and more than twenty other named defendants. David Lane, the attorney who filed the lawsuit, accessible below in its entirety, stresses that this shocking incident isn’t isolated. Westword has the story.

scott.pack.jannette.pack.miami.2017.julyReading from the Voice Media empire: Entrepreneur Scott Pack is the target of an amended lawsuit that builds on a complaint about what the attorney who filed the first one called the largest marijuana fraud case in state  history. Pack was also the subject of a surprising attack on the website of his old company, Harmony & Green, in which what were described as former employees juxtaposed apologies for his actions with photos that portrayed him as living it up after being indicted by a grand jury for allegedly ripping off investors for as much as $10 million. Westword has the story.