chad-kelly-mugshot-croppedBreakfast reading from the Voice Media empire: Police arrested NFL quarterback Chad Kelly on a criminal-trespassing charge. At approximately 1:17 a.m. on the day of his bust, officers responded to an address regarding “a male standing outside a residence.” The release points out that while officers were responding, “they received information that the male was now inside the residence.” Westword has the story.

rae.carruth.podcastBreakfast reading from the Voice Media empire: Carruth a new true-crime podcast, tells the story of Rae Carruth, a gifted wide receiver who was playing for the NFL’s Carolina Panthers when he was arrested for conspiring to murder Cherica Adams in 1999, when she was eight months pregnant. Cherica’s child, Chancellor Adams, survived the ordeal but suffers from cerebral palsy linked to his traumatic birth. Westword has the story.

gtl.tabletBreakfast reading from the Voice Media empire: Scarcely eighteen months after state prison authorities began distributing 19,000 “free” electronic tablets to state prisoners, the devices have been confiscated and the services they provided suspended. A Department of Corrections spokesman blamed “unforeseen security issues” for the disruption of the program. Westword has the story. reading from the Voice Media empire: The story of the FBI agent who accidentally shot someone while executing a backflip at a big city club went national with the speed of social media, and plenty of folks on Twitter quickly made sport of the bizarre situation. But now, as witnessed by a hilarious segment on The Daily Show with Trevor Noah, the professionals have gotten involved. Westword has the story.