eric.ashby.facebook.profile.photoReading from the Voice Media empire: At this writing, human remains have yet to be officially identified as those of Eric Ashby, who vanished on June 28 while searching for a $2 million treasure allegedly hidden by author Forrest Fenn. But Ashby’s presumed death has inspired separate efforts to create “Eric’s Law,” a proposal intended to address individuals who don’t try to offer assistance to those in life-threatening situations, including four people who allegedly stood idly by as Ashby went under the surface of the Arkansas River for the last time. Westword has the story.

benjamin.levy.2017.mug.shotReading from the Voice Media empire: Even if Benjamin Levy, thirty, wasn’t one of his state’s most frequently arrested men, his latest bust, for a drunken scooter crash, would still stand out, since the incident injured his passenger and left his face looking like an order of steak tartare. But while his actions certainly qualify him for nomination as douchebag, that descriptor also fits a criminal-justice system that has allowed him to break law after law over a period of years without finding a way to prevent him from harming himself and others. Westword has the story.

matthew.burry.dominic.burry.fox31Reading from the Voice Media empire: In July 2015, a sex offender who spent more than a decade in prison, was arrested and charged with child abuse resulting in death after the passing of his four-and-a-half-month-old son, Dominic. But a jury has now found Burry not guilty of the crime after his legal team presented evidence that the child actually died as a result of meningitis that had afflicted him since birth. Westword has the story.

grant.neal.facebook.800.croppedReading from the Voice Media empire: A settlement has been reached in the case of Grant Neal, a college student and football player who was suspended for what a witness believed was a non-consensual sexual encounter with a female athletic trainer. But as part of the pact, neither the university nor Neal’s legal representatives will say how the matter was resolved or if any money changed hands. Here’s why. Westword has the story.

david.batty.facebook.largeReading from the Voice Media empireDavid Batty, who pleaded guilty to second-degree murder for killing Tonya Lei Webster last year, has been sentenced to 48 years in jail. It’s the maximum punishment possible in Colorado for the crime. But the horrific nature of Batty’s actions, which included sodomizing Webster with a novelty baseball bat after strangling her to death, was only one reason for the length of this jolt. Westword has the story.

logan.thompsonReading from the Voice Media empire: Logan Thompson, a child with autism, was charged with third-degree assault and harassment after an October 2015 altercation with another student at his school. In the lawsuit between the Thompson family and the prosecutors, a deputy district attorney compared the child to the Sandy Hook shooter, Adam Lanza, who killed twenty children and six adults at a Connecticut school in 2012 — the second-deadliest school shooting in U.S. history. Westword has the story. from the Voice Media empire: Gregory Heard, a homeless man, has filed a lawsuit against a police officer over a June 2016 arrest during which he was tased in the act of surrendering even though he was unarmed. The complaint bolsters its argument with a video on view in this post and references to an interview with a police trainer who harshly criticized Officer Greg Dulayev’s decision to tase first and ask questions later. Westword has the story. from the Voice Media empire: A man living in a major metro area says the police department’s response to the recent theft of his vehicle was so slow, rude and ineffectual that he decided to search for the car himself. He adds that many hours later, after finding the vehicle on his own, the officer he called to clear the case was more polite than his predecessors. But the cop’s comments about the charges and fees he’d incur for an investigation and the long odds of catching the culprit ultimately convinced him that the cops would be of no help. So he took the vehicle home and shared his experiences on a neighborhood Internet bulletin board, prompting plenty of similar tales from folks living near him. Westword has the story.

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