midlothian_videograbAt 5 a.m., Camp Gladiator exercise students arrive at the church and discover Bevers’ body. There are multiple puncture wounds to her head and chest. A justice of the peace declares her dead shortly after police arrive. Midlothian police have not disclosed where the killer encountered Bevers inside the church but have told media that nothing has been reported taken from the church.

james-ashby-mug-shot-croppedBreakfast reading from the Voice Media Empire: Ashby is said to have threatened to put a second bullet into the head of a man who’d already been shot in the face and was accused of arresting a suspect without probable cause, then brutally beating him in a holding cell. And that’s not to mention the crime that led to his conviction for second-degree murder. Westword has the story.

churchmovesJustin Renteria

Since at least 1947, when a religious community called the Servants of the Paraclete opened one of the first treatment centers for priests grappling with pedophilia and substance abuse, dioceses have often warehoused problematic priests.

The “rehab” facility closest to Houston is Splendora’s Shalom Center, whose website states, “We genuinely seek to create a spirit of Gospel compassion, a nonjudgmental atmosphere and a safe environment where healing and growth can happen.”

Here’s how it’s done.

oscar-lopez-rivera.peopleslawofficeBreakfast reading from the Voice Media Empire: President Barack Obama’s decision to commute the seventy-year sentence of Puerto Rican radical activist Oscar Lopez Rivera has been greeted with celebration in some quarters and outrage in others. But if nothing else, the move solves a problem the American justice system has been unable to crack for the past 35 years: What do you do with a self-proclaimed “prisoner of war” in a country that claims to have no political prisoners? Westword has the story.

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