nic.sheff.illustration.facebookReading from the Voice Media empire: “I didn’t think the problem could get worse,” admits addiction expert David Sheff, whose son was nearly beaten to death during his years as a methamphetamine addict. “But it’s gotten worse and worse and worse to the point that suddenly, overdose is the number-one killer of people under fifty in this country. It’s unthinkable: 175 people a day dying, and every one of them has a family that says, ‘This can’t happen to me. Not my kid or my wife or my husband or my parent. No way.'” Westword has the story.

david.flores.mug.shotReading from the Voice Media empire: David Flores doesn’t mind if stories linger online about his 2010 arrest for bank robbery. He was definitely guilty of committing the crime, as he readily admits. But what pisses him off is that those articles portray him as an idiot who was literally caught red-handed after trying to use stolen currency stained, along with his fingers, by a dye pack that exploded as he made his getaway. He insists that the truth is a lot more complicated, and a lot less dumb. Westword has the story.

oyzhana.williams.bent.over.carReading from the Voice Media empire: OyZhana Williams is suing three police officers over a 2015 incident during which she was roughed up and had her head stomped in the parking lot of a hospital where her boyfriend was being treated for a gunshot wound, apparently because a cop lauded for his heroism during a mass shooting didn’t like the way she dropped her keys. The violent exchange was captured on a video that’s on view here. Westword has the story.

jennifer.reali.cbs4.largeReading from the Voice Media empire: Jennifer Reali, nicknamed the “Fatal Attraction” killer, after slaying her lover’s wife, has been denied parole three times over the past six years. She’s now made her fourth appeal, arguing that “I can’t honor my victim’s death by being a hooligan” and touting a religious rebirth that has included the release of multiple gospel music albums and regular online essays celebrating the Christian faith. The appeal will now be heard by the full parole board. Westword has the story.

sex.offender.window.getty.imagesReading from the Voice Media empire: One small county has pulled its sex-offender registry offline following a recent court ruling in which U.S. District Court Judge Richard Matsch found that such registries constituted cruel and unusual punishment in the case of three plaintiffs.  The ruling is specific to the complainants in question, rather than everyone on the roster, and the state’s attorney general has announced her intention to appeal. So why make the move now? According to a representative from the sheriff’s office, a fear of lawsuits. Westword has the story.

sir.mario.owens.mug.528x350Reading from the Voice Media empire: Senior Judge Christopher Munch’s ruling upholding the death-penalty conviction of Sir Mario Owens in a 2005 double homicide, was remarkable not so much for its conclusions as for its sheer bulk. Weighing in at close to 1,400 pages, it’s the War and Peace of judicial reasoning — and a good indication of how complex the case has become through more than a decade of legal maneuvering, a labyrinthine journey to one state’s lethal-injection gurney that’s far from over. Westword has the story.

stephen.hamper.mug.shot.cropped.largeReading from the Voice Media empire: Earlier this year, Stephen Hamper was found guilty on multiple counts in the beating of a Denver police officer whom he said he would have killed if only he’d been able to get hold of her gun. Since that ruling, he’s been hit with three more charges of assaulting law enforcers while in custody awaiting a hearing to determine if he’s a habitual criminal. Westword has the story. from the Voice Media empire:  In May, Michael McCarron was arrested on a methamphetamine charge, even though he’s never knowingly possessed the substance, because a small amount of marijuana in his possession registered positive for meth according to two field-test kits known as NIKs. Now, an examination at a lab shows that the cannabis wasn’t laced with meth after all, and he’s both relieved and frustrated. Westword has the story.

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